Meet Our Senior

Milan Ramdhari
Class of 2022

Milan comes from a life of adversity. His father is an auto-rickshaw driver who works day and night to make ends meet. In his auto-rickshaw, Milan's father used to take several affluent kids to school everyday, and outside that private school, he used to shake his head thinking his children will never be able to go to such a good school. All that changed when Milan was selected into the Sitare Foundation. Today his father proudly brings his son to the same school sometime in his auto-rickshaw.

VT, Blacksburg
Class of 2026

In His Own Words

A great unprecedented and inconceivable change came into my life when I got admission into Euro International School, through Sitare Foundation's scholarship. This organization has given me to a new environment where learning is paramount and creativity is encouraged. I am working relentlessly and I really want to make my parents, my family, and my entire community proud.