The Secret Sauce


As we mentioned in the School selection and student integration Section, for sixth grade we keep all Hope Scholars in one classroom and we integrate them with the privileged children in seventh grade.


As we induct sixth graders, most children joining our program are 11-13 years old. In India, as girls hit teenages, due to deep rooted cultural beliefs, theirparents often become wary of sending them to co-educational schools with boys. Often the parents take the girls completely out of school. This is very unfortunate, but a reality we face on the ground.

To encourage parents to keep their daughters in the program, we ask the parents to sign an agreement in which they agree to send their daughters to the program until the twelfth grade.In addition, at every touch-point with the parents, be it a founder town-hall or a parent teacher conference, or a coordinator meeting (see below), we emphasize to the parents that their daughter needs education to improve her own future as well as the future of the parents.


We strongly believe in parental involvement in a child’s education. We constantly talk to the parents of Hope Scholars to reinforce the value of education for their child. This is done by three programs:

1) Parent teacher conference: every three months, our staff talks to the parents of each Hope Scholar. It is mandatory for both the parents to attend this (of course in case of a single parents this does not apply). This is critical for parents to understand how their child is doing in the program, as well as understand the value of the program.

2) Coordinator meetings: Our coordinators meet the parents frequently to maintain a robust communication.

3) Founder town-halls: Whenever our founders visit a Project Hope city, we invite all the parents for a town-hall with the founders. This allows the parents to talk to the founders, ask their questions, share their feelings, and also observe the commitment of Singhal Foundation towards their children.

All this combined keeps the parents of Hope Scholars very involved with Project Hope. We are still learning, and as we learn more we will document what works and what doesn’t.